Who are we kidding!  These are Frequently unAsked Questions – maybe Frequently Thought Questions.

How can I trust you?

The truth is – you’ll have the measure of us in seconds.  We’re not slick, hopeless at selling ourselves and would probably lose our shirts in a poker match.

All we can say is check us out. We have lived in the area all our lives and can be found easily. We can also put you in touch with other customers.

How do I know that you'll not rip me off on materials?

Trade discounts can boost a builder’s earnings. Some have even been known to get back-handers for recommending suppliers (but it’s less likely in our area).

We prefer to keep everything open and transparent. We may not always come in with the cheapest quote, but we give a realistically competitive one.

How good are you at meeting deadlines?

Brilliant, of course! We do take this seriously and fight the weather as much as possible. It’s good for our reputation and earnings.

If you give me a quote are you going to push for the job?

Definitely not!  We’ll quote you and then leave you alone. What has been nice is some clients got a better price elsewhere, but preferred to work with us. Sometimes we can improve a price too, but we are more keen to give good value and avoid cheap materials.

Why are you not members of a builders association?

Two reasons. The first is we (Richard and Mike) are a new partnership. The second is other traders on business forums seem to say the various associations are not very effective in creating trust or great for referring work. It’s possible we will join one, but we are conscious that ultimately our customers will pay for our memberships.

Work we do:

Roofs         Walls          Floors         Repairs          Tiling           Joinery          Garages           Renovations           House Extensions